Facebook: Block the Click – Screenshot It!

Create a new post and add a screenshot of offending sites!

Instead of Sharing on Facebook – Screenshot and New Post!

Block that Click!

I see complaints about various click-bait sites all the time on Facebook. Sometimes we inadvertently add to the power of the sites in question. Rescind that power by taking a screenshot instead of sharing! Folks post links to sites that they are appalled by – essentially sharing garbage that they’ve seen on their feed. They add some warning comment like “FROAK don’t click this awful page!” Maybe they don’t realize it, but just reposting the link will not only get more people to see, and potentially click through, to the offensive site but also increase the sites mojo with Facebook. Sites with more mojo get lifted higher in the news feed leading to more folks seeing the post.

Mojo is an old internet term meaning it has more influence or power. A website with more mojo means search engines like Google.com, Yahoo.com and yes, Facebook, rank them higher. This brings the web page to the front page of a search where more people will see it and potentially click the link. It’s a bit of a FROAKING cascade since as it moves to the front (or top!) more and more people find it and unknowingly add to it’s power by clicking through! Why not use a screenshot on a new post instead of sharing?

Don’t Add Mojo!

So what do you do? You see a page that you want to warn folks about. Or you feel compelled to comment about how awful or factually inaccurate the site is. But you don’t want to entice more people to click through – what to do? Take a screenshot and post that instead! It’s not that hard although it does take a minute or two longer. But isn’t that worth it to fight Fake News sites and prevent bad memes from being promoted on Facebook?

Don’t Click Share – Click Post!

If you share something on your feed, Facebook thinks you approve of it! Instead, take a screenshot and add it to a new post! Yes, this takes a few minutes more – but isn’t it worth it to deprive bad sites like Breitbart from getting money through your Shares? Yes, that’s right, you’re helping them make money by sharing it to your Facebook page.

Screenshots are easy to take – especially on a laptop or desktop computer. Not everyone has done it before and Facebook doesn’t have a direct way to do it. They could add a screenshot button/option to help those used to apps taking care of everything. But until they do, here’s a couple of ways to add a screenshot to a Facebook post

Screenshot Walk Through for Computer Users

Up in the right hand corner of most keyboards there is a button labled ‘Print Screen.’ Tap that button once. On some keyboards you have to push and hold the Windows key before tapping the ‘Print Screen‘ button.

Open any photo editing software. If you have Windows, use Paint. For Apple users the app is iPhoto.

The two things you should do once the photo software is open is add the image and crop it to just the area you want to share. The rest of this tutorial is for Windows users as I don’t have a Mac.

Click Edit and then Paste the screenshot as a new image.

Now, you want to crop the image to only show the website. Click Image and Crop in Paint. You can now right click on the image and drag your mouse to cover the area you want to keep. If you don’t get it just right, you can drag the corners to move the crop area around. Click Image and Crop again. This will leave you with the cropped screenshot.

Save your new screenshot! Click File then Save As. Give your screenshot a name and select a place to store it where you’ll be able to find it. If I’m just posting to Facebook, I save it to my desktop because I’m going to delete it after I upload it anyway.

Screenshots on Android Phones

It’s easy to take a screenshot on your Android phone as well but there are many different ways depending on who made your phone. Two common ways to take a screenshot are to either:

  1. Press the power button and the volume button at the same time.
  2. Press the power button and home button at the same time.

Rather than try to show every variation in this post, go to Android Central! They have a great round up of peculiar ways to screenshot on your phone.

iPhone Screenshots!

iPhones are more consistent, of course. Simply press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time!

Upload to Facebook

The final step is to upload your screenshot to Facebook. You make your comment as usual, then click the camera icon on the bottom of your screen. Navigate to where you stuck that screenshot and upload it! Now, you have an unclickable picture of whatever bad site you wanted to talk about without adding to it’s Mojo or allowing others to accidentally click through.

Sources: Android Central

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