How to Report a Fake News Story to Facebook

Fake News – Bane of True Democracy

For the last few months there has been a huge uptick of fake news stories being spread on social media. Facebook got noticeably worse when they fired the editors who vetted the news that appears on your upper right column. In addition, our fellow Facebookers have been posting an awful lot of misinformation. Some are so emotionally addicted to this kind of sensational misinformation that they don’t realize what their posting is hogwash, while others are posting it either to tweak fact-lovers’ noses or try to influence those that don’t fact check.

Fighting Fake News

The best way to stop the Facebook fake news stories are to report them to Facebook. Facebook has enabled this new feature after the huge criticism it received during the election. With the new system, users identify and report the fake stories and hopefully Facebook will delete them. If you’re certain that a news story is fake (and not just slanted) then take a moment and help Facebook clean up our feeds! Not sure how to report a fake news story? That’s because Facebook has buried the option deep within their menus.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1 – Hover over the upper right corner of the post and click the “v”

fake news step 1: Select the downarrow in the upper right corner of the post!

Hover over the upper right hand corner to make the down arrow appear!

Step 2 – Select Report Post

fake news Step 2: Select report the post

Click to Report the Post

Step 3 – Pick ‘I think it shouldn’t be on Facebook’ and click Continue

fake news step 3:Select 'I think this shouldn't be on Facebook'

Select ‘I think this shouldn’t be on Facebook’

Step 4 – Select ‘It’s a false News Story’ and click Continue

fake news step 4: Here you find 'It's a False News Story'

Pick ‘It’s a False News Story’ and continue

Step 5 – You can then select to Block, Hide All or message the person who posted the story.

fake news step 5: Select X to just close the dialog or choose to contact your friend or block them!

Last chance to double check the truth! Or just click x and move on!

You may want to message your friend or block them, of if it’s a Facebook page that’s giving false news you might block them but if you do, you won’t be able to report future false stories from them!

You aren’t restricted to just reporting posts from your friends. I often report posts from friends of friends who post non-sense on a regular basis. And if I’m bored or killing a few minutes, I go through their feeds and report all their fake news. You can also report fake news pages. It really takes only a minute or so per report!

Not sure if it’s Fake News? Check out this post!


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