If You Like Breathing Clean Air – EPA Comments are Open


The above photo is a picture of LA before and after the EPA’s Clean Air rules.

EPA Opens Public Comments

Business Insider explains why the EPA asks for new comments before reversing it’s rules as ordered by the current president. Please click the link within this story and add your voice to those seeking clean air. These rules are keeping the air you breath cleaner and reducing illnesses such as asthma and lung diseases/cancers. When you are worried about losing money to regulations, it’s good to include the costs of not having them. Perhaps you don’t care about the lives saved. Nevertheless, the hidden costs, for emergency room visits and long term health care (which everyone pays for in higher insurance costs) impact the national bottom line.

Personally, I remember the stench of driving through areas of Detroit and it’s burbs before the government enforced the clean air rules. The air smelled especially bad near factories located in the middle of otherwise low income housing areas. Not only smells assaulted those living there but carcinogenic aerosols and ash particulates caused illness in low income families. I often got bronchitis as a child, aggravated by my mother’s 4-pack-a-day smoking in the house. Sometimes when going through or over these areas on the freeway, I’d end up in a coughing fit. I can’t imagine having to live there.

Clean Air – A Republican Idea

Ironically, it was Republican president Richard Nixon who created the EPA. He wanted clean water and air for ourselves and our children. Our current president lacks a moral compass. For him, dirty air allows businesses to make more money, industry, insurance people and the health industry. All profit from poor air quality.  Now, the Republican base lives almost exclusively in rural areas. These areas are less affected by factory air pollution. In a way, it’s a war on liberal urban areas, resulting ain sicker citizens with shorter lifespans.

If you don’t want to read the story but want to comment: EPA Comments on Clean Air

To read the short background report from businessinsider.com

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